About Mame...

Mame Adjei, the 5’10” Ghanaian-American beauty competed in her very first pageant on November 2 nd, 2014 at the North Bethesda Marriott Hotel and Convention Center vying for the title of Miss Maryland USA 2015 amid a group of 79 contestants – and she won!

Mame is humbled and elated to have been crowned, and wishes to use her opportunities as a professional model, and title as Miss Maryland USA (and God-willing as Miss USA) to serve as a larger platform to reach many young girls and women to continue with the great works that she has begun!

Mame is an independent, recent college graduate. Coming from two cultures, she was raised to understand and appreciate all cultures and to value her place in this world, as well as her potential to make great contributions to it. And with her parents having been out of the country for many years, she had to assume the role and responsibility of being her own support system, motivator, and navigator in this world.

She graduated in 2014, from Virginia Commonwealth University earning a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and African American Studies with a minor in Business. Throughout her tenure as an undergraduate student, she developed an immense passion for service and social justice. She aspires to earn an International Human Rights Law degree in the near future, and someday soon work with different organizations such as the United Nations, in hopes of integrating her other passion – travel, with a mission to serve and affect change on a global scale.

Always looking for ways to be proactive in her journey to humanitarianism, she took the initiative to begin a student organization called Rising Above Expectations @ VCU while in school, that focused on the empowerment of young girls through mentorship, using the word of God. Her goal was simply to influence young girls to become great, to stand firm and strong in the face of adversity, to find the strength to shine rather than shrink in the company of others, and to never accept their sometimes bleak circumstances without a fight. She has since, taken the initiative to do her part to make a difference in her community further, by co-founding her own non-profit organization called Empress Foundation. Where she continues to uphold the same aforementioned ideals and envisions her role as an agent for change in the lives of young girls around the world; helping them to ultimately be granted adequate access to justice and access to education. Her strong belief in the potential of women and youth to emancipate themselves from all societal barriers, embark on new ventures that will challenge their personal and professional growth, and have the courage to empower others, has been a driving force for all of Mame and Empress Foundation’s activities.

Mame currently works on the Rule of Law Index as an intern, at The World Justice Project in Washington, D.C. She also models professionally for several noted photographers and designers and has been doing so since the age of 16. She loves all forms of art, and likes to paint, draw, and read to relax in her free time.

Finally, Mame sites leadership as one of her strong suites, saying:

“ Leadership to me, is essential in order to be able to create opportunities for oneself in life. In every situation, I try my best to take charge and make no excuses for myself, because I know and believe that my drive and motivation for change can alter all circumstances. In the Miss USA pageant, I have the confidence to believe that I will win based on my intelligence, beauty, style and grace; and will make a difference in the near future based on my passion to serve.”

I will assure you that this commitment will not be taken lightly. I believe that God has a purpose for me in everything that I pursue, and this is no different.








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